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  • Dryden & Palmer

    D&P Rock Candy truly has something for kids of all ages: from super-cool crystal sticks to unique party favors in your favorite colors for special celebrations; right down to swizzle sticks or edible stirrers for your favorite beverages.

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  • Gosanko Chocolate Art

    As a wholesale chocolate company, Gosanko Chocolate Art has found its success in creating molded gourmet chocolate candy, made exclusively with Guittard.

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  • Vidal Candy Company

    Vidal Confectionery or Vidal Golosinas is a Spanish manufacturer of liquorice and gummy candies. Vidal is one of the biggest manufacturers in Spain, and the 81st largest candy company in the world.

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  • Turin Chocolates

    Turin’s original Italian heritage is preserved in its unique formulas and brings together the highest quality ingredients, the legendary single origin cocoa bean from Mexico, and the most advanced state of the art European technology.

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  • Maxfield Candy Company

    In 1947, Maxfield Candy Company started as a small, hand chocolate-making operation in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. Company founders, Vard Maxfield and Ray Johnson had one goal in mind: to produce the “finest chocolates in creation.”

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  • The Madelaine Chocolate Company

    The Madelaine Chocolate Company features a tremendous assortment of both expected and unusual foil-wrapped chocolate molds and chocolate covered nuts, fruits and specialty centers.

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  • Lulu Bananas Gourmet Marshmallows

    Lulu Bananas is a small gourmet marshmallow company based in South Orange County, CA that makes marshmallows in small batches, so they are constantly rotating and trying new flavors.

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  • Le Grand Confectionary

    Le Grand’s distinctive dome-shaped truffles include traditional truffle ingredients like those made in Paris; dairy cream, real butter, quality chocolate and the finest flavorings and liquors.

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  • Koppers Chocolate

    Koppers is known for their incredible liquid-center cordials (over 40 varieties) and for inventing Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears (now in Milk and White Chocolate) and over 300 uniquely delicious panned chocolates.

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  • Kencraft

    Kencraft’s Circus Sticks, Lollipals, hand pulled Candy Canes, and Bubble Gum Buddies are terrific party favors, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and basket fillers for all the seasons, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and Baby Showers.

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