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  • Gourmet International

    Gourmet International is a leading Importer & Distributor, specializing in European premium chocolate lines such as Reber, Pernigotti, Chocolate Santander, Hachez, and Butlers, as well as gummi favorites from Katjes and Haribo.

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  • Botticelli Chocolates

    Fine art inspires fine chocolate. Botticelli’s chocolate masterpieces are meticulously crafted, aspiring to the same classical perfection as those of the famous artist.  

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  • Bergen Marzipan

    Bergen Marzipan is the largest domestic manufacturer of Marzipan and offer traditional as well as creative Marzipan products. All Bergen marzipan is made from only the best ingredients and all are Kosher Pareve.

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  • Asher’s

    Asher’s Chocolates is one of the oldest family owned chocolate companies in the U.S. For more than 100 years they have been perfecting their traditional line of chocolates as well as pioneering some of the finest sugar free chocolates on the market today.

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