• _0018_Ashers


    Asher’s Chocolates is one of the oldest family owned chocolate
    companies in the U.S. For more than 100 years they have been
    perfecting their traditional line of chocolates as well as pioneering
    some of the finest sugar free chocolates on the market today.

  • _0017_Bergen-marzipan

    Bergen Marzipan

    Bergen Marzipan is the largest domestic manufacturer of Marzipan and
    offer traditional as well as creative Marzipan products. All Bergen
    marzipan is made from only the best ingredients and all are Kosher

  • Bissingers

    Handcrafted chocolate & confections, classically crafted since the

  • _0015_calico-cottage

    Calico Cottage

    Founded in 1964, Calico Cottage, Inc. is the world’s largest provider
    of fudge-making ingredients, equipment, and merchandising expertise.

  • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company

    Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company

    Family owned chocolate company, changing the world with chocolate. CCC
    offers craft chocolate bars and boxed chocolates.

  • _0002_Gosanko

    Gosanko Chocolate Art

    As a wholesale chocolate company, Gosanko Chocolate Art has found its
    success in creating molded gourmet chocolate candy, made exclusively
    with Guittard.

  • _0009_koppers

    Koppers Chocolate

    Koppers is known for their incredible liquid-center cordials (over 40
    varieties) and for inventing Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears (now in
    Milk and White Chocolate) and over 300 uniquely delicious panned

  • _0008_le-grand

    Le Grand Confectionary

    Le Grand’s distinctive dome-shaped truffles include traditional
    truffle ingredients like those made in Paris; dairy cream, real
    butter, quality chocolate and the finest flavorings and liquors.

  • _0006_madelaine

    The Madelaine Chocolate Company

    The Madelaine Chocolate Company features a tremendous assortment of
    both expected and unusual foil-wrapped chocolate molds and chocolate
    covered nuts, fruits and specialty centers.

  • Redstone Foods Logo

    Redstone Foods

    Family owned candy distribution company based in Texas since 1966.

  • Richardson Brands

    Roses Brands

    Roses Brands offers Bogdon Reception Sticks, Dryden and Palmer Rock
    Candy, Gravymaster caramelizing and seasoning sauce, and Richardson

  • The Toffee Box

    Ticket Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate on a Stick, Kika’s Salted Caramels, S’mores Kits,
    Caramelized Graham Crackers and more!

  • _0000_Vidal

    Vidal Candy Company

    Vidal Confectionery or Vidal Golosinas is a Spanish manufacturer of
    liquorice and gummy candies. Vidal is one of the biggest manufacturers
    in Spain, and the 81st largest candy company in the world.