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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order candy now for delivery later?

    Yes, and this is encouraged, especially with seasonal products. But don’t wait too long so your customers will know you’ll have what they want. You may even find you’ll need to re-order later and have extra profits for the season!

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  • If I have an account with one of Gorman’s manufacturers, will another of their manufacturers ship to me on credit?

    We don’t handle any accounting–the individual manufacturers do, so your accounts are set up individually with them. Each manufacturer from which you wish to buy will want to set up a separate account for you.

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  • Can I get chocolates during hot weather?

    Yes, but it’s a fact that candy must be protected from heat or it will melt. We will help you choose the best shipping option to keep your costs as low as possible.

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  • Does Gorman Brokerage manufacture candy?

    Nope! We handle only sales and marketing aspects of the candy business, but there are no kettles or ovens at our place!

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  • What is your minimum order?

    Each one of our manufacturers has a different minimum order. A wholesale account can order from as many or as few different companies as needed, but each company’s minimum order requirement must be met.

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  • From what city does your candy ship?

    “Our” candy ships from many different locations, depending on which products are ordered. i.e. If you order Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, they will ship from Fairfield, CA (where they are made), if you order foiled chocolate novelties, they will ship from Rockaway Beach, NY (where they are made).

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  • Do you have a catalog and pictures of your candies?

    Yes, and no. We don’t have just one catalog–we have lots of them. Each one of the manufacturers we represent has a catalog and color sheets of their own candies. If you are interested in something in particular, tell us specifically what you would like so we can get you the correct information.

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  • Do you stock candy at your location?

    No. Gorman Confections is a Broker, not a distributor. Buying through us is the same as buying direct from a manufacturer. And at no additional cost we assist you in placing orders and taking advantage of promotions, and we can inform you about new items and top-sellers. (Among other things!)

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  • Why should I use a broker?

    Good question! If you read our “About” page, you know that purchasing through Gorman Confections is purchasing direct from a manufacturer. The advantage to using a local broker is that we are here to assist in all elements of placing, shipping, and receiving an order, from explaining product features and suggesting items for a store […]

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